Social Mobility

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Social Mobility

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Discussion about Social Mobility

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Please read ” The American Dream Abides Download The American Dream Abides,” which provides an example of an optimistic view on social mobility, a conversation that you may want to address in your own Exploratory Essay.

After you have read this article…

· Provide a position, angle, or perspective that you have on this article and the author’s optimistic view of social mobility.

· Provide one concrete example that supports or that counters this author’s position (you can take this example from your own personal experience or from current events and your own reading).

· Respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts. Contribute something that will be useful for your classmates when they consider their own issues. (If you post early, you may need to come back a few hours later to see what your classmates have posted.)

Remember, you’re not  arguing with each other in this discussion board; instead, you’re providing multiple perspectives in order to provide a fuller understanding of a complicated issue.