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Discussion about Exploratory Essay Issues

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For the Exploratory Essay, you have to write about a narrow and manageable topic related to socioeconomic class. As socioeconomic class (or just “class”) is a very broad term encompassing both financial and also social components, your issues can be varied. You can write about class and education, class and social mobility (the ability to move between class brackets), class and healthcare, people’s experience with the American Dream in relation to class, etc.

In  Chapter 3 Download Chapter 3, please read  Choosing Your Issue and Focus (pp. 137-139). You may also want to review the materials related to social class earlier in the chapter, Considering Social Class (pp. 115-127).

Please take a few moments to share with your peers (and with me) which subtopic regarding socioeconomic class you will be writing about and which personal experience you will include in the essay. Let me know if you have questions about topic ideas, and I’ll be happy to help!

If you come across some interesting ideas on this Discussion Board, feel free to respond and help out your classmates.