Project Charter Template

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Project Charter Template

Project Charter Template
Project Charter Template

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Part 1: A project charter is an essential element in the design phase of project management. The project charter serves as a framework and outlines key details of the project. Ultimately, the project charter will give authority to the project manager once key stakeholders and leadership sign off. Complete the template below based on the running case study in the Class Resources.

Project Title:
Project Start Date: Projected Finish Date:
Project Manager: (include name and e-mail)




Project Objective(s):


Applicable Industry Standards:


Budget Information:







Risks and/or Potential Issues:






Project Timeline:
Key milestones Team Member Responsible Planned Target Date Actual Date
Project Team: Roles and Responsibilities:
Position Position Position Position
Approval/Review Committee:
Name and Signature Role Position Contact Information



Part 2: In 500-750 words, address the following:

1. Summarize the steps involved in initiating and designing a project in a health care setting.


2. Describe the influence of authority gradients on team selection and formulation. What is unique about this relative to health care quality and safety?


3. Explain how authority gradients influence team work and patient safety in a health care setting.


4. Research and describe two strategies for identifying and managing overlap in team member roles and accountabilities in a health care setting.


5. Describe one benefit and one challenge for each researched strategy.