The image of God writing homework help

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The image of God writing homework help

The image of God writing homework help
The image of God writing homework help

Nursing h0mework help

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In the Christian religion, the imago dei – which is Latin for “the image of God” – refers to the unique imprint God placed upon humanity, identifying people as a special creation. 

Christianity has been influenced by four definitions of the imago dei:

  1. The image of God as Similarity Some posit that the imago dei describes people’s similarity to God. Most proponents of this view focus on physical similarities people have with God, while others expand the definition to incorporate non-physical components. People’s similarity with God is passed down from Adam.
  2. The Image of God as Counterpart Others suggest the imago dei describes peoples as God’s counterpart in the universe. This view focuses on humans as the relational partner for God. The relationship operates to some degree in the manner that humans relate to one another – by conversation. Proponents emphasize that God primarily created people for fellowship.
  3. The image of God as Dominion The third definition of the imago dei is that it describes people’s dominion over the earth. In this view, the application of the imago dei is the focus. Ruling over creation is the essence of the imago dei to some who subscribe to this definition. More common, however, is the notion that having imago dei qualifies people to rule. Therefore, all proponents advocate that the imago dei refers to the human’s status as created beings.
  4. The Image of God as Representation The fourth definition of the imago dei is that the term describes people as God’s representatives on earth. This view does not focus as much on God’s relationship the others. Advocates emphasize the transcendence of God over people, thus making a special need for His continued presence on the earth. God meets this need through giving people the imago dei (Imago Dei-Religion Facts, 2015.

As a Christian, I believe that the Christian concept means that we look upon God for everything. To be created in the image of God means that we must look to God for our meaning, purpose and direction. It also makes us thinking, feeling, willing, relational creatures who reflect these attributes of our Creator. In order to understand ourselves in any depth, we must first look to God to know what he intended us to be (Shelly, J.A., & Miller, A.B., 2006).

Having the image of God is important to healthcare because we need to be able to set examples for the lost. We also need guidance in our lives. Mankind reflects God’s character.