Nursing Homework

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Nursing Homework

Nursing homework help

Course outcomes: This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcomes:

CO 1: Assess whether nutritional intake provides basic nutrients for optimal health and wellness. CO 2: Describe nutritional needs for optimal health and wellness throughout the lifespan.

CO 3: Discuss the psychological, sociological, economical, and cultural implications of food on nutritional status.

CO 4: Describe evidence-based practice interventions and modifications in nutrition therapy that can positively influence the outcome of disease and illness.

1. Required Criteria

a. Review the “How Being Overweight or Obese Affects your Health” case study and answer these questions.

· How does additional body weight affect physical status?

· What are some barriers and challenges to losing weight in the U.S.?

· Discuss cultural considerations when discussing weight and weight loss with clients.

· What would you suggest to help Mark achieve a healthy weight?

· You may use your textbook and other resources to increase your knowledge of the topic. APA format must be followed. Includes no more than 3 unique errors with APA format (current ed.) At least two (2) scholarly, primary sources from the last 5 years, excluding the textbook, are provided.