Concept Of Healthcare Organizations

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Concept Of Healthcare Organizations

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Assignment Details

For this written assignment, assume that you are a new office manager and have an employee who has not been performing to your expectations. Read the following scenario, and then write an e-mail (using a Word document to simulate an e-mail) to the employee asking him to improve his performance. Please use the 7 Cs of communication described in this video and this article to write the e-mail.


Lee Johnson is a medical assistant who showed up for work 45 minutes late in his second week of work. He didn’t call anyone to let them know that he would be late. When he did arrive, he was wearing flip flops, torn jeans, and a T-shirt that displayed his political affiliation. When Lee was asked why he was late, he responded that he “didn’t think it was a big deal.” Your office has a strict policy of the dress code as business casual.

Complete the following in a 1–2-page document:

  • As the office manager, you need to send Lee an e-mail to let him know that tardiness and inappropriate dress are not acceptable.
  • Please use the principles of the 7 Cs of communication to write your e-mail.