Film Analysis Note

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Film Analysis Note

Sociology homework help

Please use the Cornell Notes format for the assignment.

This assignment requires a more substantive analysis of the film.

In addition, the Main Notes and Main Ideas sections of this assignment must engage the theories and concepts on offer in the Baldwin and DuBois readings. (state page numbers)

Be sure to make a connection between each Main Note with its corresponding Main Idea.  Including less than 3 main notes with 3 main ideas is not sufficient to consider the assignment complete.  Be sure using the Cornell Notes format as guide.

Furthermore, in the Summary section of this Cornell Notes, engage the Baldwin and DuBois readings to analyze the film, Get Out. Be sure to adhere to the following Cornell Notes assignment requirements in the summary section:

1. An analysis of the film using DuBois’ theory of double consciousness.

2. An analysis of the film using one or more concepts discussed in the Baldwin reading.

3. Discuss how the film together with your analysis resonates with your own lived experience.

4. The analysis section of this assignment must be 300-400 words.