Personal Development

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Personal Development

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Personal Development & Empowerment Across the Lifespan –

You are required to write a paper assessing your development and empowerment in adulthood. Although major events and influences from childhood should be identified and their impact on adulthood briefly assessed, the main focus of this paper is on discussion of issues in adulthood (high school graduation forward). Major events and influences during adulthood thus far should be explored. Your paper should include the following elements:

a. Application of Systems Theory to the student’s family of origin. Use concepts (for example…boundaries, homeostasis, rules) from Ecological Theory, Family Systems Theory and or Ecosystems Theory to provide a discussion of the following questions: (1) What impact has your family of origin had on your development in adulthood? (2) How has your family of origin helped empower and or disempower you?

b. Application of relevant developmental theories and research to issues affecting you in adulthood. Identify and briefly outline 2 theories of adult development (1 of which must be Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development). Apply concepts and understandings related to the 2 theories related to adult development to explore your adult development and significant events during adulthood. Answer the following questions: (1) What are the significant events that have occurred during your adulthood? (2) How would you assess your adult development thus far?

c. Discussion of how YOU have empowered/disempowered yourself throughout your life. Discuss choices you have made throughout your adult life which have: (1) Empowered you and (2) Disempowered you.

d. Assessment and exploration of the impact of diversity related issues on self. Choose 2 of the following categories to discuss: (1) race/ethnicity and racism; (2) gender and sexism ;( 3) sexual orientation and homophobia; (4) social class and classism; and (5) disabilities and ableism. Answer the following question: How has your adult development been influenced by 2 of the categories previously outlined?

e. Discussion of how your family, development and diversity-related life experiences impact you as a professional social worker. In light of all of the issues previously discussed: (1) Describe your personal Identity (Who are you?); (2) Describe your professional identity (How do you interpret your identity as a social worker?); (3) Identify limitations and strengths imposed by your experiences; (What are your strengths? What are your challenges?) (4) Describe how your familial, developmental and diversity related issues impact your ability to practice the profession of social work; and (5) Discuss your plan for addressing your limitations and building on your strengths. Your paper should be between 12-15 pages. The document should be typed and double-spaced. Citations and references should conform to the APA Publication Manual. Use headings & subheadings within the body of the paper to indicate discussion of required content and multiple components of each question. You are required to integrate material from class and from at least 6 sources* which may include your text(s), class notes/slides and supportive readings as well as additional scholarly resources. Up to 5 points may be subtracted for technical issues. Please edit your paper carefully. *5 of your sources must be peer-reviewed articles from scholarly journals.