distributed Data Base

distributed Data Base

distributed Data Base
distributed Data Base

Computer Science Homework Help

1.) Allocation (40 points)

We are implementing a distributed database for a business. The database schema is in the appendix. The business is located in five different locations (located in DEPT_LOCATIONS table).

Based on the fragments you created in question 1 from homework 1, explain the following:

1. What considerations must be made to allocate this data?

2. What information do we need to perform a proper analysis of allocation?

3. Why would we allocate to site X as opposed to site Y?

2.) Bottom Up Design (10 points)

1. We discussed three steps in generating the global conceptual schema.

2. Why can we not match and map at the same time?

3. Why are they different steps?

3.) Query Processing (50 points)

1. Explain why processing is a necessary step in databases.

2. Why do we need to translate our SQL into relational algebra?

3. Why not allow database programmers to write directly in relational algebra instead of SQL?

4. How does distributed processing differ from centralized processing?