wsj assignment in hospitality major 2

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wsj assignment in hospitality major 2

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wsj assignment in hospitality major 2
wsj assignment in hospitality major 2

Wall Street Journal (WSJ) Assignments

You are expected to keep up with current events and regular reading of the Wall Street Journal (WSJ). You will need knowledge of current events and trends for the exams as well as the WSJ assignments.

The WSJ can be accessed in a number of ways. It is available in paper copy at the library, on the library database, and through an electronic subscription. Others read it at work.

The best method is an electronic subscription because it has many features including headlines, full articles, videos and searching.


List and describe the impact of what you would consider to be THE MOST IMPORTANT ARTICLE OF THE YEAR, IMPACTINH HOSPITALITY, as found in the WSJ. The trend does not have to be about hospitality, but does need to directly relate to and substantially impact the hospitality industry. The trend should be a topic that is receiving a lot of media “buzz”. There should have been numerous news reports regarding the topic. Use at least 1 WSJ article to reference your trend. Include the MLA citation in your assignment. In other words, cite 1 WSJ article that describe this trend. Past examples have been: bedbugs, food recalls, minimum wage hikes, and mandatory healthcare. You will be asked to share your trend report with class in a seminar environment. Submit assignment to ulearn. Bring a copy for reference to the class discussion.

You can bullet your points.

Total approximate page length = 1 page. Below are the grading weights.

Use the following Headings:

Brief Explanation of THE MOST IMPACTING TREND OF THE YEAR (wt=5/25)

Impact on the Hospitality Industry (wt=20/25)