write paper in healthcare administration

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write paper in healthcare administration

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write paper in healthcare administration
write paper in healthcare administration

You’ve recently been appointed as the Healthcare Czar by President Trump. He’s asked you to decide on a path forward for the nation’s healthcare system. You’ve boiled down your options to three models as listed below –

  • Stay the course with a mix of employer-based managed care products and public programs (e.g., Affordable Care Act (ACA))
  • Reinvent the Affordable Care Act (ACA) into a model that is more sustainable and acceptable to the masses
  • Move to a full National Health System (e.g., Berniecare)

I prefer second option

Step one is picking an option. Once selected, you need to explain why it’s the best option and support it with published/empirical data, research, opinions, etc. Remember that you must cite any point, idea or thought that is not your own!

You will be evaluated based on the following:

Mechanics and grammar – there will be no tolerance for poor work

  • Strength of your argument
  • Support/Citations that back up your ideas
  • “DOTIC” – Depth of Thought/Intellectual Curiosity
  • Using APA style.