Week 7 Reply To Classmate -Transition

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Week 7 Reply To Classmate -Transition

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System-based practice is ever-changing; it is a systematic approach to care. It requires healthcare providers, nurses, and leaders to practice at an advanced level. Therefore, it takes many disciplines to collaborate on decision-making to provide patient-centered care and be responsible for a larger healthcare system context, including payment, insurance, length of stay, and patient-centered care. I have learned that I have been practicing in the Microsystem, where I provided direct care. As a nurse leader, I will become familiar with the importance of recognizing and practicing system-based practice. I will work on an advanced level and continue to build upon caring for my patients, noticing what I can do to change their life and improve their quality of care. “Each member of the health team will view healthcare and the healthcare system from a different lens or perspective depending on their discipline and their role in the system” (Masters, 2020). I will interact more with other team members such as the physicians, team leaders, social workers, and case managers to focus on person-centered problems, I.e., Respiratory, Cardiac, and other issues the patient may have to promote healing. Social workers collaborate with nurses to make sure the patient has a safe home environment to return to. As I broaden my knowledge of system-based practice I will become aware of patient problems on all levels. Paying close attention to their optimal level of functioning and the economic and legal factors involved in delivering my care. As a nurse leader, I will empower my nurse with the knowledge needed to practice system-based practice, evidenced by continuing education and yearly compliance modules. “I will encourage staff participation in decision making, encouraging them to develop new ideas and suggestions to promote involvement in decisions being made” (Cherry,2018). We will hold a huddle before shift change to collaborate about what keeps the patient in the hospital and evaluate what needs to be done to facilitate discharge. I will use evidence-based practice in meetings with my staff to equip them with studies shown with charts, graphs, and percentage ratings. System-based practice is essential to health care because it facilitates patient-centered care, promotes safety, promotes speedy and safe recovery, emits med errors, and systematically reduces the length of hospital stay.


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