week 5 assignment: Comorbidity Analysis I.

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The week 5 assignment is the comorbidity analysis I.

For this Assignment, you will perform a complex case analysis for a patient who has comorbid conditions in a 3-4 page paper, examining the pathophysiologic alterations of the comorbid conditions, the effects of the prescribed drugs used to treat them, and the impacts of patient factors and sociodemographic indicators on their health. You will also examine health assessment and diagnostic reasoning you would use with the patient, as well as patient education strategies you would recommend (see assignment guidelines and announcement providing key points).

The required page length does not include the title page and references, and an abstract should not be included.

Use your Resources to support your explanations.

Use proper APA formatting and references. Scholarly references are required for written assignments.

For Assignments:

Support each section of the assignment with at least one current scholarly reference- References from the Walden library may be used in addition to the course resource list.

A scholarly reference is a reference that is peer reviewed and /or is representative of the best available evidence ( see rubric for further details) Verify peer reviewed references at this link-


please follow attached /downloaded instructions as well.