Week 4 Assign

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Week 4 Assign

Develop a patient medication guide for treatment of depressive disorders in adolescents.

Be sure to use language appropriate for your audience (patient, caregiver, parent, etc.). Include non-copyright images and/or information tables to make your patient medication guide interesting and appealing. Limit your patient medication guide to 5 pages. Create this guide as an assignment; therefore, a title page, introduction, conclusion, and reference page are required. Include a minimum of 3 scholarly supporting resources outside of your course provided resources.

In your patient guide, include discussion on the following:

– Depressive disorder causes and symptoms

– How depression is diagnosed for adolescents, why area adolescents considered vulnerable

– Medication treatment options including risk vs benefits; side effects; FDA approvals for the vulnerable population of your choice

– Medication considerations of medication examples prescribed (see last bullet item)

– What is important to monitor in terms of labs, comorbid medical issues with why important for monitoring

-Special Considerations (you must be specific, not general and address at least one for EACH category; you must demonstrate critical thinking beyond basics of HIPPA and informed consent!): legal considerations, ethical

considerations, cultural considerations, social determinants of health

– Where to follow up in your local community for further information

– Provide 3 examples of how to write a proper prescription that you would provide to the patient or transmit to the pharmacy.