Walden university Nurs 6051 first week second response

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Walden university Nurs 6051 first week second response

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Respond to your colleagues* on two different days, asking questions to help clarify the scenario and application of data, or offering additional/alternative ideas for the application of nursing informatics principles. Add three references please.


Tonya Lyles

RE: Discussion – Week 1


When a patient presents to the emergency room, the nurses and physicians often have minutes to decide which care path to choose for the patient.A very common emergency room complaint is “altered mental status”.This simple complaint can lead to at least three high priority, timed treatment options.The patient could be having an ischemic stroke in which tPA would need to be administered within 3 hours of last know well (McDermott, 2018).The patient could be suffering from sepsis and need fluids and antibiotics within an hour of arrival (Society of Critical Care Medicine, n.d.).Predictive analytics can help in this scenario through the analysis of the patient’s electronic health record to review past medical history and current medications to determine which scenario is more likely and where initial efforts should be placed.

John Edwards (2019) reports that predictive analytics is the data analysis “aimed at making predictions about future outcomes based on historical data and analytics techniques”.Most high priority emergency conditions have predictive factors such as age and previous medical history.Using this knowledge from research along with the data from the electronic health record can predict for the emergency room providers which condition is the most likely cause.

This type of program could also be used by healthcare leaders to predict future healthcare needs.Nurse leaders would use a program such as this to drive patient specific healthcare based on current symptom information combined with previous healthcare data.


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