us healthcare

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us healthcare

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us healthcare
us healthcare

Directions: Access the assigned readings for the week.…

After you complete the readings, complete this assignment.

Assignment 1

Evaluate the history of healthcare in the U.S. and the government’s involvement in its development.

Then in a 2-3 page paper, using APA style formatting, summarize your views on the following topic: “There is no doubt, impressive accomplishments of the U.S. healthcare system, but it is offset by the persistent problems of increasing cost, variations in performance, and limited access. From a historical view, determine whether the average American is better serviced now than prior to WWII.”

Requirements of the paper:

  1. APA format
  2. Cover sheet
  3. 2-3 pages typed on the subject.
    Reference Page: with a minimum of 3 cited references in the last 5 years. Effectively support reference material with in text citations from sources listed/provided. All need to be APA format compliant. Thank you.