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Trans to Baccalaureate week 7 responses to peers

· respond to peers thoughtfully, add value to the discussion, and apply ideas, insights, or concepts from scholarly sources, such as: journal articles, assigned readings, textbook material, lectures, course materials, or authoritative websites. For specific details and criteria, refer to the discussion rubric in the Menu (⋮) or in the Course Overview Weekly Discussion Guidelines.


1st peer post

Dianna Miller

The baccalaureate program prepares the graduate to:

Use skills of inquiry, analysis, and information literacy to address practice issues.

The essential that I chose above is something that I feel like I use in my daily practice as a labor and delivery nurse. I always try my best to use up to date information from peer reviewed articles to ensure my patients are receiving the most current care possible. Spedding (2019) states, “Health care is a dynamic field, often considered its own ever-changing and developing ecosystem. Professionals working in health care must be prepared to live in commitment to life-long learning and continuous skill development.” As nurses we need to make sure we adapt to the ever-changing dynamics of nursing. My work uses up to date as a way to make sure we are staying current in our labor and delivery processes.

I would say the part of the essential that I struggle with the most is being stubborn and having a hard time adapting to new techniques in doing things. I believe as nurses it is hard sometimes, even when we know a new adaptation would be better, to change our ways and evolve to a new way of thinking. I believe that in this BSN program I am going to be able to better adapt to the changes ahead of me in nursing and continue to learn how many nursing theories can be used to ensure the best outcomes for my patients.

Spedding, B., (2019). How to stay on top of current trends in healthcare. Retrieved August 22, 2023 from: How to stay on top of current trends in health care | Health Sciences | Capella University Blog



2nd peer post

Andrea Reyes


The Essentials of Baccalaureate Education for Professional Nursing Practice identifies the expectations of nurses as they complete their baccalaureate degree and practice as professional nurses(American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2008). It is an educational rubric composed of nine essentials with various competencies a nurse must be able to perform to be considered a baccalaureate-prepared professional nurse. Of these essentials, I am already using clinical judgment and decision-making skills in appropriate, timely nursing care during an emergency. A perfect example I can describe was this past weekend. Las Vegas faced an unprecedented Tropical Storm, and because of that, our hospital has experienced a surge in Laboring patients. I utilized the resources available to open up three additional rooms to accommodate delivered patients. We usually use two pods with 20 beds to run our postpartum unit. We have a third pod with seven beds that we are not operating due to low census and short staffing. However, with creative staffing, I was able to maximize my staffing assignment and open that third pod with the six nurses we usually work with and still have a safe nursing assignment for my staff.  There are numerous essentials I have yet to satisfy to consider myself prepared to be labeled as a professional nurse. One that I can think of is demonstrating tolerance for the ambiguity and unpredictability of the world and its effect on the healthcare system. I have been a nurse for 25 years, and I may have seen so many changes in this world, but a part of me still has the old-school mentality that I am trying to break out of. As much as traditional nursing is a safe and fool-proof method that I have been using, modern technology, scientific advancements, and evidence-based practices are becoming the standard requirements. I have to get myself up to speed if I plan to continue to practice nursing. It is through education that I will break out of the old ways of thinking and adapt to the new evidence based practice. As I progress in my studies to become a BSN, I aim to meet all competencies to practice at the highest professional level.


· American Association of Colleges of Nursing. (2008). The essentials of baccalaureate education for professional nursing practice [PDF document].