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According to Hundt (2020), there is renewed attention on Florence Nightingale in the Year of the Nurse. Nightingale’s 19th century observations that natural light and a view of nature improve hospitalized patients’ recovery has been validated in randomized-controlled trials. Currently, there are interdisciplinary teams that include nurses and architects, that design optimal healing environments with a focus on patient-centered care.

Delivering the kind of care that Florence Nightingale practiced hinges on nurses fully utilizing their education and training and on their  taking the lead to improve health care safety and quality and patient outcomes (National Academy of Medicine [NAM], 2020). Think about how you incorporate science into your everyday practice. Right now, for example, you may use your understanding of pharmacotherapy when safely administering medications. In the future, do you see yourself applying your research expertise by collecting or using clinical data to improve patient outcomes at your place of work or in the larger community?


Hundt, B. (2020). Reflections on Nightingale in the year of the nurse.  American Nurse Journal.

Post a 3-paragraph response (of at least 350 words) to the following:

According to Ma, Shang, & Bott (2015), it is critical that contemporary nurses have strong leadership and collaboration skills to improve health care. Reflect on and describe the expertise that you expect to acquire with your education at Walden. Envision yourself taking the lead to improve patient quality and safety in your practice setting and describe what that might look like. Describe the  knowledge and skills needed to achieve your professional goals.

Be sure to use  evidence  Links to an external site.  from the readings and include  in-text citations  Links to an external site. . Utilize  essay-level  Links to an external site.  writing practice and skills, including the use of  transitional material  Links to an external site.  and  organizational frames  Links to an external site. . Use the writing resources and the Week 4 Discussion Rubric to develop your post.