Study Plan Example Discussion

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Study Plan Example Discussion


Following a score of 76% in the just concluded practice exam, I feel I could have done better than this. I have embarked on preparing a study plan based on the practice exam questions results which will help me to prepare for the national certification exam. I will use the study plan as an action plan to help me track my tasks, performance, goals, and progress.

A Reflection on the Practice Exam Results

After the completion of the exam, I noticed that I spent too much time on other questions leaving very limited time to tackle other questions. Because of this, I rushed through some exam questions which may have contributed to this score. My opinion is that the allotted time for the exam was adequate but I did not use it wisely. Thus, the weakness, in this case, is improper use of exam time. In terms of strengths, I noticed that I had adequately prepared for the exam because I was able to tackle most of the questions without straining too much. This means that if I had split the exam time appropriately between all the exam questions, I would have managed a better score.

Study Plan

Changes in Study Habits

Following my score in the practice exam, I have made changes to my study habits and adjustments to my timetable. I scored low marks on certain subjects and disciplines which pulled down my marks. I have created a new timetable that creates more time on these areas of weakness. I feel that this change in the study habit will help me to perform adequately in these disciplines.


The objective of this plan is to create a study plan that addresses the areas of my weaknesses to boost my performance in the end-term exams. I aim to allocate more study time to the areas of subjects that I did not perform well at. The objective is to improve my overall grades in the exams. Another important objective that I need


My biggest strength is having strict discipline in my studies. Over the years, I have developed a strict discipline to follow my study routine by adhering strictly to my study timetable.


Having a part-time job means I have to divide my time between studying and working. Tackling the two at the same time is sometimes overwhelming. The result of working is that I get tired after work that I cannot concentrate on my studies.


To meet my objective of improving my grades, I will create more time for studying. Some of the resources useful for the achievement of this goal include spending a lot of time at the library studying. I will also participate actively in the study group discussions to expand my knowledge. Lastly, I will ask my lecturer questions on topics that I do not understand, I will also engage in online research to help me achieve my objective.

Action plan

One of the ways to improve my performance in the end-term results is to allocate more time to the subjects that I performed poorly in. I will reduce my work hours so that I can spend more time studying-at least until the end of the semester. I will reduce the number of hours I have been working and allocate these hours to studying. Secondly, I will practice time management by timing myself through similar practice exams to practice time-management skills during exams. This technique will help me to use my time wisely during an exam.