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Sociology homework help

Dear Students,

Summarize the three major sociological paradigms.

2. in your textbook, check pages 33-40,

Summarize it.

Do this afterward:

Write down the first three steps of the scientific method. Think of a broad social problem that you are interested in studying and would make a good sociological study—for example, racism, prejudice, ethnic conflicts, cultural shock, Or any other social issue you feel comfortable researching. For each step, write a few sentences or a paragraph:

1)  Title of your social topic? 2) What is your research problem, the purpose, and the importance of your stud, 3) Review some relevant research and write down the titles of some articles or books you’d want to read about the topic. 3) Formulate your research question, & 4) Formulate your hypothesis.

You are required to respond to the assignment question posted above with no less than 300 words