Soc101 principles of sociology project paper 2

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Soc101 principles of sociology project paper 2

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Explore one of the topics covered in chapters 8 through 15 (e.g., Charter Schools, Prison Reform, Equal Pay, Affordable HealthCare, Transgender, etc.) Research the topic in detail. Examine:

1. What are the top 3 issues related to the topic you have selected in 2019?

2. How has the issue been redefined over the years; or, has it? What has led to the current definition or framing of the issue today?

3. What groups are impacted by the topic and how?

4. How does this issue compare in the US to other nations across the globe?

5. Which sociological theory best explains the issue from your perspective and why?

Assignment should be typed 12-point Times New Roman font, 3 to 5-pages double spaced. Use APA style for citations where needed.