Sexual Dysfunctions Among Women

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Sexual Dysfunctions Among Women

Nursing homework help

Develop a 20 slide PPT lecture titled “Human Sexuality: Sexual Dysfunctions Among Women”

You can present each slide of your PPT using the  Notes feature to walk the audience through each slide.   Highly suggested historically women’s sexuality and sexual health was viewed by the medial community, and then transition to today’s experience.

When designing your PPT presentation:

You might want to personalize your approach, positioning yourself and your interests within the presentation (a first-person approach) or you may want to be more academic or journalistic in approach and tone. Many decisions will have to be made to compose an excellent presentation. You will have ample opportunity to approach the task creatively.

A successful slide presentation will:

· Make a clear case for the importance of your research.

· Clearly and engagingly deliver important insights from your research.

· Effectively use the multi-media capability of the PowerPoint medium.

· Highlight research sources (including references).

· Be effectively edited.

· Adhere to the required time limit.

Rhetorical and Stylistic Mistakes to Avoid

· Distracting fonts.

· Text-heavy slides.

· Visually difficult color contrasts.

· Reliance on clip art.

· Image and text / spoken text don’t align.

· Presenter / voice-over just repeats text on slides.

Organizing Your Presentation

· You have freedom to compose your presentation as you would like. I strongly encourage you to outline your presentation before you start composing individual slides.  PowerPoint provides options for outlining . You may even want to draw an outline, sequencing and designing slides on paper with pen or pencil.

·  Here is one logical structure you might use or adapt:

· Slides 1-2 approx. (Importance of your research)

· Slides 3-7 approx.  (Context or background of the issue)

· Slides 8-13 approx. (Present your research—making your main point)

· Slides 18-20 approx. (Conclude