Rfid in healthcare industry 1

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Rfid in healthcare industry 1

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Rfid in healthcare industry 1
Rfid in healthcare industry 1

Each student is required to research and collect data and information regarding an RFID system that can be integrated into business processes to solve common problems in their individual industry, career or field of study.  The paper does not require the researcher/author to include a significant amount of technical data about the system, but rather information about the business justification, planning, purchasing, installing, and maintaining of the system.  The paper should include:

  • An Introduction– general description of the business problem that the RFID system will be used to improve or enhance.
  • An overview of RFID including:
    • Basics of RFID
    • Advances in RFID
  • Benefits and disadvantages of the RFID system
  • Security concerns or practices associated with the RFID system
  • Impact of implementation – A description of administrative procedures – human and  process changes; any Changes in Organization policies or enhancements to include training requirements
  • Appendices (Documentation could include:  business case, project plan, etc)