Respect for Autonomy Free will or agency week 3 discussion 34 help

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Respect for Autonomy Free will or agency week 3 discussion 34 help

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Per Tom Beauchamp and James Childress principalism has evolved into a practical method for ethical decision making in medical ethics.  The four principles are:

  1. Respect for Autonomy – Free will or agency.  This requires respect for the decision making capacities of autonomous persons.
  2. Non-maleficence – A principle requiring that people do no harm.
  3. Beneficence – A principle to do good and prevent harm.
  4. Justice – social distribution of benefits and burdens (Gordon, J., n.d.).

  According to the article by Dana Lawrence the order of presentation did not put Autonomy as priority over all other principles.  Autonomy requires a persons’ abililty to make decisions by being able to think freely and without control from others.  A person has to be able to make a conscious analysis of the problem and be able to put it into action.  When it comes to healthcare many are comatose, and unable to make their own decision and this is where the issue or problem comes into play, and where bioethics can have its problems.

  There is much debate over principalism today.  I do not think that one principle is more important than the other.  It depends on the situation and thus use the one that best fits the situation.  It is a guideline for use in bioethical situations.  Though in healthcare, what comes up most often is beneficence and non-malfeasance as it focuses focuses on the Christian viewpoint on how to care for others.  Principalism does not solve all ethical issues but it is recognized as guideline used in inter disciplinary moral decision-making.

   In the Christian biblical narrative it would be placed differently.   Beneficence and Non-malficence would be first as it would be to do good to others and to cause others no harm.  We protect our patients all the time and assist them in their decision making in the healthcare arena. Then following that would be respect for autonomy and then justice.