Reply To Your Classmate Week 7

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Reply To Your Classmate Week 7

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I really enjoyed this scenario since it is right up my alley as a psych nurse. I’d say the assessment questions went very well for me since it is something I am used to doing at my job when I do new patient assessments. I do feel this scenario was realistic especially when I read she was being placed on a 1:1 sitter due to being suicidal. At my job, we place high suicide risk patients on 1:1 either around the clock or while awake depending on the severity and whether or not they are self harming themselves. We also do something called 15 minute or 30 minute safety sign ins in which we ask the patient what they rate their safety level 1-10, if they have any urges to self harm, and if they have position of any sharps such as a pencil.

One thing I would do differently next time is pay closer attention to the medications she was given at the ED via IV. I do not work with IV medications so I did not make proper notation of what was being given the first time around and missed one of the questions that asked about what her next medication should be administered next. I was not surprised by the feedback from iHuman, I think they give reasonable feedback in the areas that I missed which helped me do better the second time around.

I didn’t really learn anything new from this scenario since I do most of these things at work minus the IV medications unless the patient is receiving ECT (electroconvulsive therapy). With that being said, I don’t have any questions about the scenario. The scenario did reinforce the importance of having a 1:1 sitter for a patient who has attempted to commit suicide or is feeling suicidal. Even though Amka stated she regretted committing the act, she may attempt again once she gains more energy and appears to be happier .