Quantitative Research On Pressure Injury Prevention

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Quantitative Research On Pressure Injury Prevention

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Appraisal Guide

Findings of a Quantitative Study






What was the purpose of the study (research questions, purposes, and hypotheses)?

How was the sample obtained?

What inclusion or exclusion criteria were used?

Who from the sample actually participated or contributed data (demographic or clinical profile and dropout rate)?

What methods were used to collect data (e.g., sequence, timing, types of data, and measures)?

Was an intervention tested?  Yes   No

1. How was the sample size determined?

2. Were patients randomly assigned to treatment groups?

What are the main findings?


Is the study published in a source that required peer review?  Yes   No   Not clear

*Did the data obtained and the analysis conducted answer the research question?  Yes   No   Not clear

Were the measuring instruments reliable and valid?  Yes   No   Not clear

*Were important extraneous variables and bias controlled?  Yes   No   Not clear

*If an intervention was tested, answer the following five questions:  Yes   No   Not clear

1. Were participants randomly assigned to groups and were the two groups similar at the start (before the intervention)?  Yes   No   Not clear

2. Were the interventions well defined and consistently delivered?  Yes   No   Not clear

3. Were the groups treated equally other than the difference in interventions?  Yes   No   Not clear

4. If no difference was found, was the sample size large enough to detect a difference if one existed?  Yes   No   Not clear

5. If a difference was found, are you confident it was due to the intervention?  Yes   No   Not clear

Are the findings consistent with findings from other studies?  Yes   Some   No   Not clear

Are the findings credible?  Yes All   Yes Some   No

Clinical Significance

Note any difference in means, r2s, or measures of clinical effects (ABI, NNT, RR, OR)

*Is the target population clearly described?  Yes   No   Not clear

*Is the frequency, association, or treatment effect impressive enough for you to be confident that the finding would make a clinical difference if used as the basis for care?  Yes   No   Not clear

Are the findings clinically significant?  Yes All   Yes Some   No

* = Important criteria