Public Policy Analysis business and finance homework help

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Public Policy Analysis business and finance homework help

Public Policy Analysis business and finance homework help
Public Policy Analysis business and finance homework help

Nursing homework help

Week 1 Discussion 1

Class Policies

We start first with the policies that will guide this class. Please read the information below and answer the two questions posed at the end.

  1. To receive full participation points each week, you must make a relevant posting of at least 240 words that is free of grammar errors. In addition, you must make a substantive response to at least one other person in the class.
  2. If you intentionally misrepresent someone else’s work as your own (i.e., plagiarism) then you will be subjected to Strayer policies for academic dishonesty which may include dismissal from the program.
  3. To fully understand how the four assignments fit together as an INTEGRATED and HOLISTIC paper, you must read the PAD 510 Assignments_Visual Explanation PowerPoint posted in the Blackboard Student Center.


Question A – What is the purpose of discussion questions for an online course? Do the requirements for length and engagement with other students support this purpose?

Question B – According to Van Bramer and Bastin, “a progressive paper is one that students write one section at a time: as they add each new section, they go back and revise the previous parts based on actionable feedback from the instructor” (2013, J. Chem. Educ., 90 (6), p. 745). How do the assignments in PAD 510 exemplify a progressive paper?

•PAD 510 is a progressive writing assignment in four parts

–Part 1: Assignment 1 which serves as an introduction

–Part 2: Assignment 2 which focuses the essay on one policy

PAD 510 Assignments
Assignment 1


•Treats one Federal policy area such as foreign policy, healthcare, or gun control (but you are not limited to just these policy areas)

•Treats two different Presidential policies within the policy area. Examples:

–Bush No Child Left Behind and Obama Race to the Top

–Reagan policy on relations with Iran and Obama policy on relations with Iran

–Clinton Health Security Act and Obama Affordable Care Act

–Clinton Federal Assault Weapons Ban and Bush lapse of the Ban

PAD 510 Assignments
Assignment 2


•Choose one of the policies discussed in Assignment 1. Examples:

–Obama Race to the Top

–Reagan policy on relations with Iran

–Clinton Health Security Act

–Bush lapse of Federal Assault Weapons Ban

•Write a one page summary that summarizes the policy

•Write three pages or more on the various players for the chosen policy.

•Assume that the reader has read Assignment 1 and they are reading this as a continuation of that document

PAD 510 Assignments
Assignment 3


•Make suggested revisions to Assignment 1

•Make suggested revisions to Assignment 2

•Write a series of one-page position arguments:

–Favor of the Policy

–Against the Policy

–Rebuttal to the argument in Favor of the Policy

–Rebuttal to the argument in Against the Policy

•Clearly label the argument types used


•One Title Page

•At least 11 pages of content as follows:

PAD 510 Assignments
Assignment 4


•Slide(s) summarizing Assignment 1

•Slide(s) summarizing Assignment 2

•Slide(s) summarizing Assignment 3 (new content on policy positions)

•Speaker’s note content


•At least 6 substantive slides

•A slide with at least four of the most representative References from the paper

PAD 510 Assignments
Putting it together

1. Write Assignment 1 by end of week 3 per Rubric guidanc

2. Write Assignment 2 by end of week 6 per Rubric guidance

3. Revise Assignment 1 and Assignment 2 by end of week 8 per instructor guidance

4. Write Assignment 3 new content by end of Week 8 per Rubric guidance

5. Assemble Assignment 3 with a title page, revisions to Assignment 1, revisions to Assignment 2 , new content for Assignment 3, and one reference section by end of Week 8 per Rubric guidance

6. Create Assignment 4 By week 10 per Rubric guidance

Week 1 Discussion 2

Assignment topic

In the PAD 510 Assignments_Visual Explanation PowerPoint, I make the distinction between a policy area and a policy. For example, healthcare is a policy area. The Affordable Care Act of 2010 (“Obamacare”) and the American Health Care Act of 2017 (“Trumpcare”) are two different presidential policies for the policy area called healthcare.

For this discussion question, identify the policy area that you will be using for your assignments along with the names of two Presidents and the names of the two policies that you will be using for Assignment 1 (due at the end of Week 3).

Note: You will be able to change your mind up to the time that you submit Assignment 1. Here, I want to make sure that you understand the requirements of the Assignment.