Psychotherapy Mult Modalities. 

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Psychotherapy Mult Modalities. 

Nursing homework help

Instructions from my professor:

Review this week’s Learning Resources, reflecting on foundational concepts of psychotherapy, biological and social impacts on psychotherapy, and legal and ethical issues across the modalities (individual, family, and group).

Post an explanation of whether psychotherapy has a biological basis.

1-Explain how culture, religion, and socioeconomics might influence one’s perspective on the value of psychotherapy treatments.

2-Describe how legal and ethical considerations for group and family therapy differ from those for individual therapy, and explain how these differences might impact your therapeutic approaches for clients in group, individual, and family therapy.

3- Support your rationale with at least three peer-reviewed, evidence-based sources and explain why each of your supporting sources is considered scholarly. Attach the PDFs of your sources.


Learning resources:

· Nichols, M., & Davis, S. D. (2020).  The essentials of family therapy (7th ed.). Pearson. Chapter 2, “Basic Techniques of Family Therapy” (pp. 33–35 only)

· Petiprin, A. (2016).  Psychiatric and mental health nursing Links to an external site. . Nursing Theory.

· Wheeler, K. (Ed.). (2020).  Psychotherapy for the advanced practice psychiatric nurse: A how-to guide for evidence-based practice (3rd ed.). Springer Publishing. Chapter 1, “The Nurse Psychotherapist and a Framework for Practice” Chapter 2, “The Neurophysiology of Trauma and Psychotherapy”



· Please follow my professor’s instructions as requested above.

· Answers each of the three (3) question above detailed.

· I copied my class learning resources for developing the answers.

· Be careful with plagiarism.

· APA 7 edition.