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Nursing homework help

Task Description: Proposal

Value: 45%

Due Date: Monday 04/09,2023 23:55pm ACST


Registered Nurses have a significant role to play in advancing the quality of patient care in clinical workplaces. Leadership competence within clinical practice, at all levels, is recognised by the Nursing and Midwifery Council Registered Nurse Standards for Practice. This assessment task provides students with an opportunity to propose a leadership approach to address a clinical problem as represented in the following case. It is expected that this activity will foster deeper understanding of change leadership in nursing contexts.


Bluebird home is an aged care facility located in a rural township (population 8,000) in NSW. The town is located 50 km from the nearest larger town. The facility provides care for 100 aged residents, many of whom are some distance from their families and friends. The facility is staffed by registered, enrolled nurses and assistants in nursing, kitchen, cleaning and administrative staff. A Director of Nursing, a Deputy Director of nursing and a business manager oversee the operations of the facility. The services of a diversional therapist, a physiotherapist, a pharmacist and several doctors from the local general practice are employed by the facility.

During a recent accreditation visit, the accreditation team found that residents in the home were at risk of pressure injury as there was no consistent approach to prevention. The lack of consistency posed a risk to the safety and quality of resident care. The team recommended a change to current practice including development of an appropriate procedure, and a training program for all care staff to attend.

In response to the recommendations made by the accreditation team, the Director of Nursing asked you to develop a proposal in which you are to outline the appropriate change leadership approaches you will take to implement the change, to satisfy the accreditation requirements.


You are to record your response to the Director of Nursing’s request in a structured proposal. Your proposal must firstly explain clinical risk that is posed by this situation. Then, with reference to your studies of change leadership, explain the leadership strategies that you consider will be most effective in introducing this change.


1. Introduction (150 words)

2. Explanation of clinical risk (300 words)

3. Strategies to implement the change (include 4-5  leadership strategies). Each strategy is to include a heading and must be explained and justified in relation to the scenario and supported by the literature. (1400 words)

4. Conclusion (150 words)

5. References


-Word allocations are approximate. If the length is outside +/- 10 there will be a reduction of 10% of the total mark available for the assessment.

-A video presentation will be made available to support your completion of this task.

-Refer to the marking rubric attached below

-The paper must be developed in academic paragraphs, with  no bullet points.


Word Limit: 2,000 words*

Font: Calibri 11, Times New Roman 12, Arial 10

Line spacing: Double

Referencing Style: APA 7 or latest edition

Header: Student ID (digits) no name, unit code

Footer: Total word count, page number

File format: .doc or .docx.



Knowledge: The paper convincingly demonstrates knowledge acquired from deep engagement with the topics studied in the Modules and specifically of change leadership and clinical risk.

Critical Analysis: Relevant research/evidence including industry data has been evaluated, synthesised, integrated and interpreted;

Argument: A balanced argument informed by the critical analysis supports the strategies chosen to address the problem;

Communication: The paper is articulate, ideas are presented logically and coherently. Applies rules of grammar, spelling and punctuation accurately. Accurately uses discipline-specific language.

Academic convention: APA 7th referencing conventions in both in-text referencing and reference list have been applied accurately and consistently. First person may be used when referring to own context.


Learning Outcomes

This assessment task addresses the following Learning Outcomes:

1. Critically reflect upon the role of the registered nurse as a leader in a health care team in varying health contexts.

2. Critically analyse concepts of management and leadership in nursing and health services.

3. Critically examine the role of the nurse leader in quality improvement and change management practices.

4.Investigate clinical risk management and the registered nurse’s leadership responsibilities for qualityand safety in health care.