Nursing Week 7 Prediction Assignment

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Nursing Week 7 Prediction Assignment

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Week 7 Predictions, Outcomes, and Variables

· Points 100

Develop your project predictions and desired outcomes portion of your paper using the following as starting points:

· Describe the desired outcomes: Specifically, state the purpose, focus, and viewpoint of the project as well as its expected accomplishments. While you may not be implementing your project, you should have a goal in mind that relates to solving your problem.

· A project goal should reference the project’s benefits in terms of cost, time, and/or quality that address needs or changes, results, impacts, or consequences that the project has on people, programs, or institutions.

· Goals and objectives should be measurable, shared, and hypothetically agreed on by all key stakeholders. They are directly linked to the concept of project success factors.

· What variables need to be considered and would you have control over them? For example, if you were to implement a department wide curriculum change, would budget be an issue and how would you address that variable?

· If you were to implement your study, how would you gather data? Would the focus be qualitative or quantitative?

· What will your research provide to the community or to social change?

· In the statistical sense, what is already known about your problem? Cite evidence from your literature review.

Compose a 2 to 3-page paper that addresses the intended outcomes of your project.

Review the rubric for grading criteria.

Points Possible: 100

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