NURS4465 Population and Community Nursing Module 1 Quiz  

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NURS4465 Population and Community Nursing Module 1 Quiz  

NURS4465 Population and Community Nursing Module 1 Quiz  

NURS4465 Population and Community Nursing Module 1 Quiz

Question 1

The World Health Organization has defined a community as: (Select all that apply)

a. a group of people with the same annual per capita income

b. a group of people with the same community health issues

c. a group of people often living in a defined geographical area, who may share a common culture, values, and norms

d. a group of people arranged in a social structure according to relationships which the community has developed over a period of time.

Question 2

The core functions of Public Health are: (Select all that apply)

a. assessment

b. policy development

c. assurance

d. public debate


Question 3 

Methods for data collection in conducting a community assessment include: (Select all that apply)

a. informant interviews

b. Windshield Surveys

c. participant observations

d. secondary analysis of existing data

Question 4 

The basic principles of evidence-based practice can be applied only at the individual level. (True or False)



Question 5

Applied to nursing, evidence-based practice includes the best available evidence from a variety of sources.  These sources include: (Select all that apply)

a. research studies

b. nursing experience and expertise

c. community leaders

d. the local community newspaper

Question 6

Assessment refers to: (Multiple Choice)

a. conducting criminal investigations on residents of a selected community

b. separating paying patients from non-paying patients in community health centers

c. systematically collecting data on the population, monitoring the population’s health status, and making

information available about the health of community

d. keeping records of all traffic violations in a given number of zip codes

Question 7

Assurance refers to:

a. the role of public health in ensuring that essential community-oriented health services are available, which may include providing essential personal health services for those who would otherwise not receive them

b. ensuring that all citizens pay their fair share of taxes

c. providing adequate animal control resources

d. by-passing competence requirements for public health workers

Question 8

Public health nursing is a specialty and is distinguished by the following characteristics: (Select all that appy.)

a. It is population-focused.

b. It is community- oriented.

c. There is a health and preventive focus.

d. it requires a Doctorate Degree to practice at an entry level.

Question 9

Policy development refers to:

a. endorsement of politicians who support public health initiatives at the state level

b. conducting research on epidemic outbreaks

c. conducting petition drives in the community to secure federal funding for health care services

d. the need to provide leadership in developing policies that support the health of the population, including the use of scientific knowledge- base in making decisions about the policy

Question 10

A nurse who was working in public health care has gotten a new job in primary care.  A main difference to be seen by the nurse at the new job is a focus on individuals. (True or False).



Question 11

Public health is defined as: (Multiple Choice).

a. what we, as a society, do collectiely to assure the conditions in which people can be healthy.

b. an insurance system to access health care services in rural areas

c. the exclusive health care services of infectious disease management

d. public health policy designed specifically for elderly population groups

Question 12

Public health nursing, referred to in this textbook as population-centered nursing, has been impacted by: (Select all that apply)

a. social forces

b. economic forces

c. political forces

d. military forces

Question 13

A nurse is completing a community assessment.  Which of the following actions would be most likely for the nurse to complete?

a. Identify community needs and clarify problems

b. Determine the weaknesses of a community

c. Perform the core function of public health nursing

d. Assesses individual needs within the community

Question 14

A nurse gathers information about the condition of homes, sizes of lots, neighborhood hangouts, road conditions, and modes of transportation.  Which mode of data collection is being used?

a. Windshield survey

b. Participant observation

c. Focus group

d. Informant interviews

Question 15

A community health nurse is conducting informant interviews in a small community.  Which of the following would the nurse most likely contact?

a. A local priest for congregation information

b. The State Department of Health for death records

c. Surrounding communities for crime comparison

d. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for illnesses in the area.

NURS4465 Population and Community Nursing Module 1 Quiz