NSG 3150 – Healthcare Informatics

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NSG 3150 – Healthcare Informatics

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Week 6 – Peer Response Instructions

For the discussion response, please provide a substantive review of the presentations provided by two of your fellow students ( SEE THE TWO STUDENTS POWERPOINT ATTACHED). In your review, highlight the positive aspects as well as providing constructive criticism. Comments such as “Looks good!” or “I really liked your presentation” are unacceptable for a discussion peer review. Your classmates will appreciate any additional facts you can provide that are relevant and that will help to enrich their knowledge of the topic.

· Substantially respond to at least  two other student posts in a way that prompts further input or provides another viewpoint.  Describe a situation from your nursing professional experience that backs up your viewpoint and discuss the social, moral, political, and economic factors impacting your position.

· Please respond to peers thoughtfully, add value to the discussion, and apply ideas, insights, or concepts from scholarly sources, such as: journal articles, assigned readings, textbook material, lectures, course materials, or authoritative websites.

· Provide a rationale for your response with at least one scholarly source using an APA in-text citation and full reference.