Module 6 discussion 8

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Module 6 discussion 8

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Respond to the 2 discussion posts that i have provided each response should be 100 words and cite each of them using one source in APA format.

Elyse Thompson

Quality is a ongoing concept of continuous improvement that is defined by the customer and is when a set of products, services and processes meet or exceed the needs and expectations of the customer as a cost that exceeds the value of the product or service (Kerzner, 2017). Quality in project management is a high priority, along with cost management and is also ultimately the responsibility of the project manager (Kerzner, 2017). Quality in the product is just as important and reliant on the quality of the project management processes in place for the project. High quality project management processes have a direct effect on the quality of the delivered product at the end of the project (Lievo, Miaden & Suada, 2018). Having more organized and higher developed project management processes will lead to a more organized and a higher quality end product to the project.

A quality tool discussed in the text is the use of questionnaires and surveys. Surveys and questionnaires can be used at the conclusion of the project after the product or service has already been deployed as a way to gain feedback from customers and users on their level of satisfaction (Project Management Institute, 2017). This can be used in a healthcare setting, for example, to test if changes made to in office processes are more efficient and can help provide high quality and more efficient care to patients. A common problem in healthcare is in office waiting times. After determining a solution to the wait time problem and employing it in the office, a survey can be given to patients who were seen in office before the change and seen in office after the change to gauge the level of success and efficacy of the change made in the office. From there, the project can be deemed successful, or there could be additional changes that need to be made to improve the issue even further. It would be impossible to know how the patients were truly responding to the changes made, if at all, without gathering information from them.

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Zoe Parks

Project quality is often forgotten about due to project teams focusing on the three constants, even though it is just as important. Quality can be defined in many ways, but no matter what type of project is being worked on, quality is often defined as what the customer or stakeholders want to see. If a project’s deliverables do not meet the customers quality standards it does not matter about the project management tools used, the budget, or the timeline, as the project won’t be accepted without meeting quality requirements. There are two types of costs associated with quality management, which are conformance and non-conformance. Conformance is a prevention cost in order to keep up with quality standards, and non-conformance is a reactive cost that happens when there is an internal failure and something must be redone in order to meet quality standards.

A common tool used to ensure quality is Pareto charts. These charts graph occurrences of quality failure in order from most frequent to least. Using this as a chart will make the most significant problems with a project apparent as it will clearly be the largest bar, as well as the first one on the chart. These charts allow for project managers to easily decide where to focus improvement efforts during a project. Pareto charters are especially useful when trying to launch a new product as it allows project management teams to easily document where defects happen within the creation process to quickly and easily address them.


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