Issues And Trends In Community Health Unit 3 Video Transcript

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Issues And Trends In Community Health Unit 3 Video Transcript

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For this assignment, you will create a 5- to 7-minute video outlining a community plan or process addressing a particular disparity. Imagine that you will present your video to your community’s city council or county commission. They might have little understanding of community health issues, but they are tasked with making decisions regarding these matters for the tax payers. You want to educate them on a particular disparity in their community and the best approach to addressing this disparity.

Part 1: Identify a health disparity in your community. Below are some possible questions you can address in order to analyze the disparity:

· Who is the disparity affecting the most (e.g., family, friends, and specific demographics)?

· What is the disparity? What is the issue? What interventions and/or strategies are put in place to decrease it?

· How is the disparity affecting those in the community?

· Why is this disparity a concern?

· Where is the disparity occurring? Where are possible resources located to assist with this disparity in your community?

Part 2: Assess current communication strategies and their effectiveness on improving healthy equity for all community members. Conclude your video by explaining how communication in public health within your community helps to reduce the disparity. (Remember your audience in this section. They need to know how best to help you communicate this information.)

Provide data to support your responses. You will also provide a transcript of your video, and, in this transcript, you will include proper APA citations and references. Be sure to include separate title and reference pages.

You will need to upload your video to YouTube, and then provide the link to the video at the top of the first page of your transcript. The transcript document is what you will upload to Blackboard.