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Integrative Review Help

Nursing homework help

Choose Topic – a clinical area of interest related to healthcare administration.

  • Using the six peer – reviewed literature articles from annotated bibliography, compose an integrated review that focuses on a clinical issue of interest chosen.
  • Ensure that the topic of this integrated review is viewed from the perspective of a healthcare professional who is looking to validate the need for program evaluation at your hospital, even if your annotated bibliography was not this focused.

In this review, you will discuss the criteria necessary for inclusion or exclusion in the research study, critique the quality of each study, and present a synthesis of the results. This integrated review will address the following course outcomes:

  1. Critique ethical issues in healthcare research for their influence on compliance with rules and regulations
  2. Evaluate basic research strategies applicable to healthcare settings for informing research proposals
  3. Assess the appropriateness of utilizing secondary databases in healthcare research as an alternative to conducting original research
  4. Justify the selection of specific data analysis methodology in published healthcare research for informing healthcare research methodology
  5. Select healthcare administration issues to research in validating the need for program evaluation

Components of Integrative Review (APA Format)

2 Short papers

I.   Abstract

II.  Introduction

III. Literature Search

IV. Methodology Analysis

V.  Synthesis & interpretation

VI. Conclusion

Various due dates. For each part of Integrative Review.