IHP 670 Module Six

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IHP 670 Module Six

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In this assignment, you will critique a health or healthcare program based on the provided literature. Before beginning this assignment, please visit the module resources section and explore the program critique reading resource.

This assignment will help you examine activities used to improve participation in a sexual and reproductive health program. Pay particular attention to the activity that was designed to remove an external barrier to care. Focus your critique on elements such as the risks involved, the benefits or desired results, and the intended results achieved to evaluate the program’s ability to adjust.

This program critique will help you plan for the risks and external barriers to your program and improve the program’s ability to adjust and adapt over time.


Write a program critique that examines a health or healthcare program intended to meet a specific health need.

Specifically, you must address the following rubric criteria:

  1. External Barriers to Care: Describe why it is important to identify barriers that impede an individual’s or a group’s access to care. Consider the following question to guide your response:
    • Why do you think the use of vouchers was effective or ineffective in achieving desired results?
  2. Program Risks: Describe why identifying potential risks is important in program planning. Consider the following questions to guide your response:
    • What two risks did the program create?
    • What actions would you take to minimize these risks?
  3. Program Benefits: Describe what secondary benefits are achieved in addition to the desired results and their importance to stakeholders and the overall program. Consider the following questions to guide your response:
    • Why is it important to appreciate these secondary benefits?
    • How would you let other program planners know about these secondary benefits?
  4. Impact on Desired Results: Determine whether the planned activities achieved the desired results for the program and why you feel they did or did not achieve these results. Consider the following question to guide your response:
    • How might the activities be adjusted for improving the program’s desired results if the program were to run again in the future?

Note that all the claims in your deliverable should be evidence based. Your citations should be from your independent search for evidence (not from the scenario, textbook, or module resources) of credible sources and be current within the last five years. You are required to cite a minimum of one source overall. Refer to the Shapiro Library Guide: Nursing—Graduate located in the Start Here section of the course for additional support. If you need writing support, access the Online Writing Center through the Academic Support module of your course.

Supporting Materials

The following resources support your work on the assignment:

Document: Program Critique Guide
Review this document to help you understand the difference between criticism and critiquing. This will help you complete your program critique assignment.

Template: Program Critique Template
Review this document to help you complete your program critique assignment. You are not required to submit this template for grading, but it is highly recommended that you use this document to organize your thoughts and claims for your program critique assignment.