Hsa 4190 information and communication technology for health professionals 2

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Hsa 4190 information and communication technology for health professionals 2

Nursing homework help


  • PowerPoint “presentation” that will be suitable for presenting to senior management.
  • Based on your research, you will prepare a 15 Slide max presentation that presents your findings from assignment one.
    • You must provide, when relevant, in-text citations (APA style) on your slides
    • You must include a reference slide (APA style) at the end of the presentation. This slide will not be counted as part of your 15.
  • note: you will be submitting the PowerPoint that would be presented to a senior level management team. It will be graded according to the following:
  1. PowerPoint Design. The following resource will be the basis for design evaluation: http://www.proglobalbusinesssolutions.com/powerpoint-designs-tips/ (Links to an external site.)
  2. PowerPoint Content. Slide content should follow the order of your paper. Provide all key sections and key points as outlined in the assignment.

*Attached i will provide assignment one guidelines and also what I did to help you create this power point.

Assignment 1 guidelines (Already done)

Consider that you are a Healthcare Informaticist. You have been asked to evaluate the current internal workflow and make a recommendation regarding the workflow, communications, protocol and software required in order to select a new healthcare information system for a hospital, clinical department or other provider entity. This report will consist of filling out the SBAR Process Improvement template provided, 5 pages MAX. APA FORMAT. MUST BE REVIEWED BY THE FIU WRITING CENTER! Proof of writing center must be submitted with report.

By completely filling out the SBAR template, be sure the below are addressed:

  1. Describe the “real” or hypothetical work environment, provider objectives and current information systems configuration, as well as any unmet needs or issues.
  2. Situation
  3. Background
  4. Assessment
  5. Recommendation

Much of the information required for this assignment is available from the Web and industry journals (e.g., Modern Healthcare, Healthcare Informatics, Hospitals & Health Networks, etc) and your course text.

You may also wish to request product literature from vendors or obtain it through your own or another organization. Although not required, you may also wish to interview one or more individuals with relevant experience and expertise. Be sure to provide appropriate APA interview citations.