HP4004: Evaluating Health Policy

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 HP4004: Evaluating Health Policy

Module Pre-Assessments are your opportunity to practice applying module content before final submission of your Competency Assessment. Your final Competency Assessment is written. Therefore, you may choose to write your Pre-Assessment responses here in a bulleted list, an essay, or as another type of deliverable. Consider what would be most helpful for you.

For your Module 3 Pre-Assessment, respond to the following prompts. These prompts match those in your final Competency Assessment. Be sure to support your responses with evidence from scholarly literature.


  1. What are the barriers to implementing the policy? If it has already been implemented, what are the barriers to modifying the policy?
  2. Based on what you’ve learned, do you support the policy or want to see it changed? Why? What changes do you recommend to the policy? What can nurses do to support or change the policy?

Once you submit your response, use the rubric to ensure that you have met all requirements and are satisfied with your submission. Use your pre-assessment submission and any feedback you may garner to improve and refine your responses. Note that you do not need to resubmit your Pre-Assessment to address feedback.