home work,scholarly

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home work,scholarly

home work,scholarly
home work,scholarly

Nursing homework help

Course: NURS 2700 Foundations of Nursing/Health Promotion

Title of Assignment: Written Scholarly Paper: Self Care and Professional Development

Suggested reading to prepare for self-assessment: APA Publication Manual & ANA Scope and Standards of PracticeLifelong learning and professional development

To prepare for completion of the scholarly paper:

1. Investigate the organizational philosophy, mission and vision of several healthcare

facilities including hospitals, residential care centers and community care organizations. Registered Nurses must be employed at your chosen organization.

2. Locate an organization that aligns with your own personal values. This may be a

facility located in your local community, across the country or around the world.

To complete the paper, include a discussion of the following (make each a paragraph and do not change the order of paragraphs or combine). Please don’t take the questions away,just write under them but in paragraph.

· Discuss and differentiate an historical and contemporary issue(s) in the nursing profession. This could be one issue that has changed over time (or) a discussion of an important historical issue in nursing as well as a more current issue.

· Examine and identify nursing values, knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to model professional nursing practice. How will your values be integrated into your chosen organization? How do your values link or tie to your organization to be a ‘successful’ nurse in this organization? Be sure to identify your chosen organization by name.

· Identify your lifelong learning approach(es) (approach to learning over your lifetime) that will support both excellence in nursing and your chosen organization’s philosophy, mission, and values. Do not include the entire mission statement of your organization, although you may refer to important parts of it.

· Discuss how an individual’s spiritual beliefs and values are significant to promoting health.

· Explain how care for vulnerable populations is impacted or affected by attitudes, values, and expectations of the nurse, the patient, or both.

· Consider your self-care. Describe a technique for behavioral change to promote your health OR manage illness. Identify how this could impact care for others as a professional nurse.

· Describe what nursing practice excellence means to you. Develop/discuss your plan for professional development that includes short-term and a long-term goals and addresses practice excellence, life-long learning, professional engagement, and self-care.

Required components of the Written Scholarly Paper:

· Title page: A title page must be included in the submitted paper (This is in addition to the 3-4 page body not more than 4 please).

· Body of the paper: The body of the paper will be roughly 3-4 pages in length, including an introduction and conclusion. (Introductions and conclusions should broadly summarize and should be roughly 3-5 sentences at most.) Headers and indentations must align with APA 7th edition guidelines.

· References: A reference page must be included in the submitted paper. A minimum of three scholarly journals (4 for full points) must be cited and appear on the reference page. NOTE : journals older than 5 years unless speaking to something historical are not acceptable in APA Scholarly Nursing Papers. PLEASE MAKE THEM 4 SCHOLARY JOURNALS

· APA formatting: The paper must adhere to APA 7th edition guidelines – including spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Format your paper appropriately with Times New Roman size 12 font and 1-inch margins.

· Please Note – The Written Scholarly paper with any plagiarized and/or self-plagiarized material may receive 0 out of 30 points at discretion of faculty after all factors are considered. The student will be required to rewrite these paragraphs with new, original ideas/work to meet the competencies at 78% however, the original score will remain. Papers containing plagiarism may also be reported to the college (see policy on Academic Integrity). Meeting with faculty and/or Dean of Nursing may also be required.