Healthcare Power Point Slides

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Healthcare Power Point Slides

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The need to research, develop and write clearly articulated reports or proposals and present them to leadership are a requirement of all managers at some point in the careers. These reports/presentations may be required to justify budgets or projects, establish organizational policies, or terminate services. Projects developed for college courses allows the student to gain experience in conducting basic research, develop a level of confidence in enhancing their writing abilities or presentation skills, and allows faculty to help students develop management skills.

Project Requirements

As you approach the field of healthcare in this course and beyond, you will observe the profession from a wide range of perspectives. We will explore healthcare from a clinical, administrative, and ancillary support perspective that impacts the people who work in the field, the technology they use, and the impact of policy and procedures that support modern healthcare..

For this project you will review and evaluate one (1) of three (3) important topics that impact modern healthcare and develop a 10-12 slide Power Point presentations (due in Week 9) and conduct a 5-10-minute oral overview to the class during Week 10. The goal of the project is to gain an understanding of why healthcare is so complex and provide your insight or recommendations on how to resolve the issue based on your research. The research topics are:

1. How has the Affordable Care Act increased access to care for the 20 million uninsured Americans.

2. How has the electronic health record and other technologies improved the quality of health care.

3. What can be done to increase the recruitment of more doctors and nurses to rural or urban areas?

Things to Remember

1. Do not wait until late in the semester to get started, then discovered that you have not allotted sufficient time to complete this project. Late submission will have points removed from the final total.

2. Now and then, a student hands in a paper he or she did not write at all or in which large segments are copied from other sources. Don’t do this . It is dishonest, unfair to your fellow students, and unpleasant for both you and the instructor. Papers that have been found to be plagiarized will receive a zero. 

3. Write in your own words. Start early; talk to the instructor if you have problems.


Week 9: 10-12 slide Power point presentation due

Week 10: Provide 5-10-minute oral overview for class