Health Literacy: Research Analysis

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Health Literacy: Research Analysis

Step 1: Research Analysis

Complete the table below

Topic of Interest: Health Literacy

Research Article: Include full citation in APA format, as well as link or search details (such as DOI) Farmanova, E., Bonneville, L., & Bouchard, L. (January 01, 2018). Organizational health literacy: Review of theories, frameworks, guides, and implementation issues. Inquiry (United States), 55.

Professional Practice Use:

One or more professional practice uses of the theories/concepts presented in the article Integrated care seeking to integrate cultural competence and health literacy using Rawls’s theory of justice.

Kurt Lewin s theory has been suggested to identify and eliminate barriers to services, information, and care to improve health literacy.

Research Analysis Matrix

Add more rows if necessary Strengths of the Research Limitations of the Research Relevancy to Topic of Interest Notes

Coherent and logical rationales for conducting the study.

The study limited to a specific library type of studies, that is, in specialty or in the area of interest. The rationale for the research question gives the purpose of the study to generate evidence and answer research question related to health literacy. The rationales reflect on the addition of knowledge by filling a gap in the understanding and resolution of controversies to remedy some particular problem.

Concrete description of design, procedures, methods, analyses and accurate reports of findings.
Limited evidence about the efficacy of health literacy guides. Plausible interpretations and conclusion based on findings related to health literacy guides. Organizational health literacy need a clear and robust connection between vision, operationalization, and implementation strategy to patient care.

Step 2: Summary of Analysis

Craft a summary (2-3 paragraph) below that includes the following:

Describe your approach to identifying and analyzing peer-reviewed research

Identify at least two strategies that you would use that you found to be effective in finding peer-reviewed research

Identify at least one resource you intend to use in the future to find peer-reviewed research