Harden Transportation Case 4-2

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Harden Transportation Case 4-2

Harden Transportation Case 4-2
Harden Transportation Case 4-2

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Case 4-2 Harden Transportation

The Assignment: Answer the four (4) questions at the end of Case 4-2

Resources: Course Textbook, Appendix 4B, Table 4B-1, Attached worksheet (Word or Excel format)

Acceptable Length: Show your work for solution to questions 1 and 2.  Well-written responses to question 3 and 4.

Formatting Requirements:

  • Enter your name and date
  • Provide well-structured solutions/answers- incomplete answers will receive partial credit
  • Show your work

2. Answer case questions, using the attached word template or excel document.  Complete assignment and submit as an attachment using the assignment link when finished.