Group Project

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Group Project

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Assignment Instructions:

Please consider the following scenario:

You have been assigned as one member of a 3-4-member nursing IT team at the local community hospital. The hospital is in a rural area with the closest Tier-1 hospital (trauma center) three hours away. In the past four years, there has been a noticeable increase in the incidence rate of young adults with asthma “attacks.” The nursing unit managers have performed research on the issue and have determined that asthma patients readmitted within 30 days with asthma exacerbations occurred most noticeably during the winter months and on the weekends. Further investigation showed that additional potential factors to the asthma exacerbations appear to be brought on by the use of e-cigarette’s and hookah smoking, and for patients with allergies.

The nursing managers have expressed a desire to incorporate Telehealth measures and phone applications as a means of educating the young adult populations on ways to control asthma outbreaks. The team has researched the literature and noted that Telehealth was introduced at other facilities with great success and helped to improve outcomes for patients with the signs and symptoms of asthma exacerbations. The nursing IT team will be required to create and present a PowerPoint presentation to nurse administration about the proposed plan.

I am part of the group of 4 but I am not the one in charge to submit or create the PowerPoint presentation.

I just need to include thorough answers to the following questions and send it to the leader of the group in charge of creating the slides of the PowerPoint with the 2 answers respond for each member of the group.

Response to:

1. How would training for the proposed solution be conducted for patients and nursing staff?

2. What are potential issues with developing and sustaining a tele-health program?


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