Final data science report 1

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Final data science report 1

Nursing homework help

create Final data science report about the storm events from 2005 to 2016 .

I have attached my old work go see it and edited on it make more and more and more better than it is . also make it more details . please follow the requirement or it is going to be sent back to you again .

HERE is the links ;……………….

Organization & Content

• Paper must include all sections of a good Data Science plan and report.

• Information presented in the paper must be well-organized and clear.

Writing must be concise and comprehensive.

• Paper must be interesting and demonstrate critical thinking.

• Papers uses a logical structure appropriate to paper’s subject, purpose, audience, thesis, and disciplinary field

. • Content indicates synthesis of ideas, in depth analysis and evidences original thought and support for the topic.

• Provides compelling and accurate evidence to support the problem.

• Offers recommendations that demonstrate critical thinking beyond the central focus of the paper.

• Records important ideas and concepts.

• Presents a logical explanation for findings; presents clear recommendations and/or implications for future analyses. Clarity & Style

• The writing engages the reader.

• The writer’s voice is distinctive; word choice is varied and precise throughout.

•Sentences are varied in structure and length; errors are minor and infrequent

• Shows outstanding style; rhetorical devices and tone used effectively; creative use of sentence structure and coordination

• Chooses words for their precise meaning and uses an appropriate level of specificity.

• Sentence style fits paper’s audience and purpose. Sentences are varied, yet clearly structured and carefully focused, not long and rambling.

• No sections of the paper are plagiarized and where appropriate includes references. Mechanics & Grammar

• Sophisticated transitional sentences often develop one idea from the previous one or identify their logical relations. It guides the reader through the chain of reasoning or progression of ideas.

• Meets all formal and assignment requirements and evidences attention to detail; all margins, spacing and indentations are correct; essay is neat and correctly assembled with professional look.

• Essay is free of incorrect spelling, punctuation, and grammatical errors; absent of fragments, comma splices, and run-ons