Film Analysis Assignment

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Film Analysis Assignment

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Students are to watch the PBS Frontline documentary Sex Trafficking in America.

Write a 5–10-page word essay (not counting the cover page and references page) using 12-point font, numbered pages, double-spaced with one-inch margins on all four sides of the paper. You will analyze the film while weaving six sociological concepts from the attached list into your paper and, in addition, two of the three theoretical perspectives in sociology. Bold each of the six concepts and the theoretical perspective.

Cover page

Include a cover page with your name, course, and date.

Your paper MUST include the following subheadings:

(Introduction, Concept Application, Theoretical Application, Personal Understanding and Implications for future research)


Provide a summary of the film you are analyzing that includes an overview of the plot and briefly describes the main characters. In addition, explain the purpose of your essay and why this film lends itself to sociological analysis. Briefly mention the sociological themes that will be discussed later in the paper.

Concept Application

Weave concepts from the list below into your essay. The essay should flow with appropriate transitions between paragraphs. In your analysis, you must first define the term and properly cite your textbook with an APA in-text citation. After defining the term, you must clearly apply the term to the film. To accomplish this task you must use specific details from the film. You might describe themes in the film, specific scenes, and/or include quotes from different characters in the film.

Theoretical Application

After defining and applying all key terms, you must then choose two of the three major theoretical perspectives (functionalist, conflict theory, symbolic interaction) to compare regarding the film. Clearly define the perspectives with a proper APA in-text citation. Then explain in detail how both perspectives apply to the film, and which theoretical perspective(s) you would recommend for viewing the film.

Personal Understanding

Explain in detail what you learned from this assignment as it relates to sex trafficking. Also, explain how social institutions such as the family structure, criminal justice system, governmental entities (local, state, or federal), and/or institutions of higher learning can mitigate and/or eliminate human trafficking.

Implications for future research

Personally, if you were granted funds to conduct research in an effort to mitigate/eliminate sex trafficking what methodological approach would you use to collect your data (e.g., surveys, secondary data, experiments) and Why?

Briefly, describe what other subfields of sociology (e.g., criminology, medical sociology, social psychology) may be interested in your findings as it relates to mitigating/eliminating sex trafficking. (choose one subfield)