E commerce 60

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E commerce 60

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Topic 1: e-Learning at work: Web-based Learning Communities business environment

Topic 2: e-Entertainment: emerging technologies and revenue generation models for virtual entertainment(e.g. Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, e-Sports)

Topic 3: Social Commerce and Social Lending: towards more responsible society

Topic 4: Crowdsourcing: new development models for business start-ups

Topic 5: Mobile Money: emerging trends in developing countries (e.g. m-Pesa)

Topic 6: Geo-location services at consumer level: new business models for monetisation

Topic 7: Business Process Re-engineering: Internet-related strategies

Topic 8: AI and Big Data: new trends in business data analytics

Topic 9: Serious Gaming in mental health treatment: emerging trends

Topic 10: Digital age“click-and-mortar”large-scale enterprise:a case study of your choice (e.g. EasyJet)Topic 11: AdverGaming and In-Game-Advertising: trends and opportunities

Topic 12: Internet of Things (IoT) in healthcare: opportunities and societal challenges

Topic 13: Software Piracy: implications for the industry and economy

Topic 14: Business models for wearable technologies in sport and fitness

Topic 15: Darknetand cybercrime challenges: governmental and corporatesecurity strategies