DNPU 701 Week 5: Effects of physical exercise (aerobics) in lowering blood pressure

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DNPU 701 Week 5: Effects of physical exercise (aerobics) in lowering blood pressure

My project is the effects of physical exercise (aerobics) in lowering blood pressure among African Americans ages 25-65 years




This week, we will address the following objectives:

Comparison of Two Variables Relationship – Objectives 1

The following assignments will be due:

09 Data Collection Plan.pdf (NOTE: Assignment has TWO parts)


During the week, please read the following:

Chapter 9


Attached Files:

01 Simple Regression.pdf (623.372 KB)

Virtual Classroom

Instructors will hold weekly class meetings using a Zoom virtual classroom or hold virtual office hours. Attendance is optional for classes/office hours. Instructors will answer student questions and discuss assignments during these meetings. The sessions are recorded and students who do not attend may listen to the recordings.

Your instructor will post the link to the meeting, a schedule of meeting dates/times, and links to recordings of past meetings in the Virtual Classroom section (see button on menu to the left).

Week 5 Collection & Analysis Presentation

Attached Files:

09 Data Collection Plan.pdf (388.299 KB)

CER Example Big.pdf (599.102 KB)

Part I. PowerPoint Presentation (100 Points)

The student should prepare a PowerPoint presentation, including slides and presenter notes (not a narrated or video presentation). It should be organized in the format shown below. Students should choose the most important quantitative outcome of the final doctoral project as the topic of the Analysis Plan. Students should make sure that the audience will understand what change in practice s/he will be evaluating, why it is an important problem, why s/he is predicting the results s/he is predicting, and how the results will impact nursing practice if s/he achieves them. The project will draw heavily on the project proposal developed in DNPU 706.

Week 5 Data Collection Presentation Draft Feedback and Discussion

You will post a DRAFT of the plan to the class discussion by Wednesday of Week 5 along with a 1-2 paragraph CER Summary of your plan (typed into the discussion). Your classmates will have an opportunity to provide feedback by Saturday, and you will submit a final draft of this plan by Friday, midnight.