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The Healthy People 2030 initiative aims to improve health and well-being by assisting people of all ages in getting enough aerobic and muscle-strengthening activity. In the United States, only one in every four adults and one in every five adolescents meet physical activity guidelines for aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities. Physical activity can aid in the prevention of disease, disability, injury, and death. The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans specify how much physical activity children, adolescents, and adults should engage in to benefit their health (U.S. Department of Health and human services, 2018).

A nurse practitioner’s role as a patient educator is crucial. As a nurse practitioner, I inform people about healthy lifestyles, promote them, and explain the advantages of including exercise in their daily routine. Provides information on how a healthy diet can improve a patient’s overall health and how incorporating regular exercise into one’s daily routine can increase one’s overall strength. The nurse practitioner prioritizes education while coordinating and delivering patient care. Promoting an active lifestyle and other healthy habits can help prevent obesity and other chronic diseases (Pronk et al., 2021).

Technology has transformed our entire healthcare system, making it more excisable with a single touch. There are numerous phone apps, particularly for the Apple Watch, Fit Bit, and Smartwatches that track your steps, calories, sleep patterns, and heart rate. Patients can help maintain a healthy lifestyle and exercise compliance by using an in-built phone app that reminds them to exercise and shows how many calories they burn. Technology not only benefits patients but also medical providers such as nurse practitioners and physicians by preventing medication errors and allowing providers to communicate with patients through chats using my chart technology. People can benefit from strategies that make it safer and easier to be active, such as providing access to community facilities and programs. Physical activity promotion strategies at home, school, and child care centers can also increase activity in children and adolescents (Huter et al., 2020).



Healthy People 2030 sets data-driven national objectives to improve health and well-being over the next decade. One 1 4 adults and 1 in 5 adolescents in the US meet physical activity guidelines for aerobic and muscle-strengthening activities. Healthy People 2030 focus on improving health and well-being by helping people of all ages get enough aerobic and muscle strengthening activity. Physical activity can help prevent disease, disability, injury and premature death.  Being physical active is one of the most important steps that people of all ages and abilities can take to improve their health. However, a large number of people don’t get enough physical activity to meet federal guidelines.

One of the main responsibility of nurse practitioners (NPs) is to provide ongoing care as well as the latest information about diet, exercise and stress relief to their patient. It’s very important for NPs to educate their patient that healthy and active people did not achieve that lifestyle overnight. It’s because they adopted the right healthy lifestyle habits that they have found success. And more importantly, they stick to it.  As a health care provider, NPs should encourage their clients to adopt healthy habits for lifelong improvements. Patients should be encouraged to start with small changes. Whether it’s skipping dessert for a brisk walk after dinner or replacing an unhealthy breakfast option with a smoothie or fresh juice.  The best way to help our patients achieve their goals is to simply ask them what they hope to achieve.  One their big-picture goals is determined, we can take it slow and work on smaller, short term efforts.  Another way help our patients build healthy lifestyle habits is to teach them the concept of mindful eating. Patients should encourage to get a restful night’s sleep each day that can prevent an individual’s risk of obesity, diabetes, mood swings and cardiovascular issue and other health concerns.  Patients should be encouraged to exercise 30 minutes a day for at least 3 to 5 days/week that can help achieve their weight goals and stay healthy