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Discussion Board

Discussion Board
Discussion Board

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Discussion Board (DB) Posting Directions: ( See DB Rubric) 

  • Students are to be on the discussion board a minimum of four (4) days per week as evidenced by initial and response postings
  • All initial and response postings are to be on separate days
  • Support initial posting with two professional peer-reviewed scholarly journal references
  • Student posts one (1) initial response to the discussion board to begin each week on Monday at 12:01AM/EST and no later by 11:59 PM by Wednesday of each week (1 point).
  • Student to post on three (3) separate days required each week which begins on Monday at 12:01AM/EST and ends by 11:59 PM/EST Sunday (0.5 points each post).  Each response to include one reference from professional peer-reviewed scholarly journal in APA format.
  • APA clarity (up to 0.5 points) – See Rubric

Discussion Board Instructions:

  1. Sickle cell disease is an adaptive response against malaria. Discuss and identify the pathogen and transmission of malaria.
  2. Where and why do you think an adaptation occurred that led to the development of sickle cell disease and what is the pathophysiology of the adaptation?
  3. Why do people who no longer live in parts of the world where malaria is prevalent still develop sickle cell disease and how and why does it occur?
  4. How can we advise families with this debilitating disease?