Discussion 4 Eemplary_professor001

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Discussion 4 Eemplary_professor001

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Lp4 Discussion MT6580

Discussion 4: Emerging Countries

Actions for Discussion 4: Emerging Countries

Must post first.

Discuss the following questions?

  • As the emerging markets in developing countries gain global influence and power, do you believe that the current developed countries will be able to maintain their competitive edge?
  • What do you think needs to be changed with the developed countries economic policies to maintain their current role or to become more competitive?
  • By 2050, who do you feel will be the global leader with regards to economic power and the GDP?

Use information from your text and other scholarly resources to answer these questions and provide academic support for your opinions. Support your position with a minimum of two references and associated citations.

In your responses to peers, consider their viewpoints in relation to your own and enhance or respectfully debate their opinions.

LP4 Discussion

Discussion 4: Global Health Agencies/NGOs: Roles in Healthcare

Actions for Discussion 4: Global Health Agencies/NGOs: Roles in Healthcare

Must post first.

Discuss the role of global health agencies/NGOs in improving global health. Consider in your discussion, their specific contributions in the health care sector to:

• Health care education-related initiativesbr • Their role in the provision of health care services in third world countries• The effectiveness of their initiatives

Support your points with illustrative examples of specific initiatives in specific countries. Validate your points with the use of references. Citations must be in proper APA format for both in-text and reference entries.